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Residences Blog

Residences Blog

Copala Residences: July Update


There’s always something new in the Copala Community! Since our last update, we delivered Houses 39 and 77, and broke ground on five new homes. There are currently 14 homes under construction, and work is also scheduled to begin on another home in the upcoming months.

Tower 5 is reaching its final stages of construction, with work continuing on the roof, interior finishes, exterior painting, and other detailed projects on the final levels.

Tower 6 is well over halfway complete, with workers focusing on the roofing, ironworks, the pool area and access ways, the painting of the facades, and the construction of the pergolas in the parking lot.

Tower 7 is still in its beginning stages, with the 4th floor beginning to take shape. Work continues on the retaining walls and cistern.

General urbanization of the community is still at about 81% complete, with infrastructure reaching a level of completion of 95%. Many of the remaining advancements will depend on the completion of other projects around the community.