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Responsible Living

Rooted In Environmental Responsibility

“Sustainability is a core value of Quivira Los Cabos. We at Quivira believe it is critical to nurture the local environment, reinvest in the community and reduce the impact of development.” Ernesto Coppel, Chairman of the Board.

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Letty Coppel Foundation

The Letty Coppel Foundation is a reflection of the principles of the Quivira and Pueblo Bonito Group, created to ensure that the company’s growth benefits the quality of life of its employees, while contributing to the development of the communities where they live.

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The foundation concentrates its efforts in five basic areas:

  • Sustainability
  • Social assistance
  • Community Development
  • Professional Growth
  • Culture and Knowledge

The founder and leader of the foundation, Mrs. Letty Coppel, is an exceptional woman who has dedicated her life to support and guide the less fortunate. She has been actively involved in donating her time and support to those in need since the age of 15 and now she is deeply committed and involved in all of the areas that the foundation supports. Mrs. Letty Coppel is a true inspiration as she has learned to touch lives not only through economical contributions but also with her time and heart through her visits to children with disabilities, spending time with senior citizens who long for company, and personally delivering scholarships and food supplies for children to assist them in their educational process. among many things.

“I have learned that we should never lose the drive to continue to learn each and every day.”

Quivira proudly congratulates Mrs. Letty Coppel on receiving the Agustina Monterde Lafarga Merit Medal from the city of Mazatlan in recognition of her efforts to give back to the community and the impact they have had.

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Protecting the Fauna

The Letty Coppel Foundation’s Marine Turtle Protection Program, managed by PROFEPA trained and certified Quivira staff, was created to protect the endangered sea turtles that migrate back to Los Cabos to nest between the months of July and December. The program has a surveillance team to watch for nesting turtles and who then provide an incubation corral in which to plant the sea turtle eggs. Once the little turtles have hatched, they are carefully set free into the sea.

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In addition to the Marine Turtle Protection Program, Quivira Los Cabos also participates in a surveillance programs for whales. Between December and March, the gentle giants of the sea can be seen from Quivira’s spectacular bluffs as they hug the tip of the Baja Peninsula en route to warmer waters to calve. While Gray whales are most often spotted, but a variety of other species all call Cabo’s warm waters home, including Humpback, Sperm, Blue Whales and occasionally even Orcas.

Guarding the Flora

The developers are also taking measures to protect the amazing dunes within the Quivira development. The picturesque sand dunes, which interact with the ocean, play a critical role in the ecosystem. Protecting them ensures that both animal and plant life are unaffected. Within the development is a designated special wildlife path.

Quivira Los Cabos is also diligently protecting the property’s natural plant life. Two on-site nurseries house, nurture, and re-grow plants that will then be re-planted along Quivira’s calming walkways and spectacularly landscaped vistas. These plants will also help with area beautification efforts within the local Los Cabos community. Quivira has allocated 126.15 Acres to conservation and 35 acres to green areas.

In addition to these efforts, Quivira Los Cabos participates, along with The Letty Coppel Foundation, with Cacitmundo, which was established for the conservation of native and endangered species. Cactimundo is the leading company dealing in cacti in Latin America. It was founded 15 years ago to promote, conserve, and reproduce the desert plants of Mexico, as well as other species from around the world. At Cactimundo, one can find cacti and succulent plants from all over the world as well as endangered species that are almost extinct in their natural habitats today.

Water Conservation

Another equally important area for Quivira is water conservation. Quivira and the luxury resorts within Quivira produces their own potable water from desalinization plants, and treats all waste water through treatment plants. The treated water is re-used for irrigation purposes. The grass used on the Jack Nicklaus Signature golf course is Paspalum grass. This grass has a high tolerance to salt water and requires up to 50% less water for irrigation and up to 75% less nitrogen for fertilization.

Waste Management

Quivira has an internal trash collection system to ensure timely pick-up and adequate disposal. In addition to this, Quivira has established programs to educate and execute adequate separation and recycling of waste, management of chemical and hazardous materials.

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Quivira Los Cabos remains committed to the community. Efforts to improve the local Los Cabos community include cleaning campaigns for local beaches, streets and parks; a graffiti reduction program through education and painting campaigns; and financial support to different organizations including DIF, Foundation Down, Padre Tovar, Christmas toy drive, support for emergency relief, and Los Cabos Children’s Fund.

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Efforts to assist the community include the donation of a mobile medical unit to detect breast and cervical cancer to lower income communities; participation in blood banks; daily donation and delivery of excess food produced by the hotels to Casa Juan Diego; participation in Adopt-a-School Program supporting 8 schools positively impacting 5,970 children, and reaching out after natural disasters or whenever possible.

The old Lighthouse, Faro Viejo, is Cabo´s oldest building dating back to 1905 and is located within Quivira. In an effort to conserve a part of Cabo’s history, Quivira is working with the local government to restore the building and create a maritime museum.

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Service To The Community

Quivira is proud to support the initiatives of these important community organizations:

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  • Cruz Roja, Delegación Los Cabos
  • Sistema DIF Municipal Los Cabos
  • Humane Society Los Cabos
  • Cuerpo Voluntario de Bomberos Cabo San Lucas
  • Programa PAMAR(Programa de Atención a Menores y Adolescente en riesgo)
  • Cabo PAALF(Niños con sida)
  • Comedor Comunitario Alegría y Prosperidad
  • Casa San Juan Diego
  • Niños del Capitán
  • Red de Mujeres Indígenas Nia Sachú
  • Asociación Unidos por Ayudar
  • Comités de Padres Unidos por la Discapacidad
  • CRREAD(Centro de rehabilitación alcoholismo y drogadicción)
  • Un refugio de amor para la mujer y sus hijos, AC