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Wellness at Pueblo Bonito Resorts and Quivira Los Cabos

Wellness at Pueblo Bonito Resorts and Quivira Los Cabos

Health, not wealth, is the new coin of the realm. Yes, a healthy bank account is important, but NOTHING is more important than personal well-being. A year long, world-wide pandemic has a way of putting things in perspective.

With their firm commitment to enhanced sanitation protocols, Pueblo Bonito Resorts and Quivira Los Cabos have emerged as paragons of wellness. Their natural Land’s End settings and specific programs and dining options have created sanctuaries where guests and residents can feel safe, healthy and free.

Let’s start with negative ions, the odorless, tasteless and invisible molecules we inhale in certain environments. The pounding Pacific surf on the doorstep of the Sunset Beach and Pacifica hotels is the greatest negative ion producer imaginable. Once they reach the bloodstream, negative ions increase the flow of oxygen to the brain and are believed to produce biochemical reactions that increase levels of serotonin. This mood chemical helps to relieve stress, boost daytime energy and alleviate depression. A walk on the beach, with tens of thousands of negative ions in the air, can produce a mild sense of euphoria, even a gentle mental release. These are welcome sensations in the age of COVID-19.

For a journey to holistic wellness, the Armonia Spas at Sunset Beach and Pacifica offer a “serene respite from the stresses of daily life”—and a full menu of rejuvenating treatments. From luxury facials to massage therapies, the treatments are designed to relax and revive.

Armonia Spa Organic, a signature product line made with ingredients that include USDA-certified organic shea butter and essential oils such as argan, ylang ylang, laurel, almond and jojoba, greatly enhance the spa experience. Armonia Spa Organic products are applied by skilled therapists to obtain natural benefits that include physical, emotional and spiritual healing. This is especially true for rituals that feature an exfoliation and a body wrap followed by a detoxifying, invigorating or relaxing massage. Spa-goers report that Armonia Spa treatments provide a sense of inner calm that often lasts for hours. Purchasing the organic products for use at home is a great way to extend Armonia Spa’s sense of bliss and self-renewal.

The best place for post-spa refreshments is Perfect Balance at The Market at Quivira, a wellness bar that combines the finest organic ingredients to offer guests nutritious (and delicious) cold-pressed juices, wellness shots, smoothies, salads, healthy snacks and more. Resort guests and visitors alike can experience for themselves just how tasty superfoods like acai, chia, bee pollen, spirulina and maca can be.

Finally, Q Life, a lifestyle club created exclusively for residents at Quivira Los Cabos, offers a synergistic approach to individual pursuits and group activities. With its comprehensive menu of programs, Q Life inspires residents to seek new ways to enjoy a healthy lifestyle while developing friendships with those who share their interests.

Q Life’s six themed pillars enable residents to pursue a myriad array of passions and interests.

At the top of the list is the “Healthy Living” pillar, which provides tools for healthy nutrition as well as a roadmap for a physically active and balanced lifestyle. One of the more popular offerings is the centuries-old practice of yoga, which enables practitioners to control their mind and senses through different techniques. The regular guided practice of yoga body positions (asanas), coupled with breathing and meditation, can have subtle, long-lasting effects. And because Cabos’ weather is close to perfect year-round, many of the yoga classes are held outside, including on the beach.

Nature trails (walking, jogging, hiking, mountain biking) at Quivira encourage healthy communal outings. Whether strolling, biking or running, the trails enable guests of all physical ability levels to flow with the Baja’s natural sounds and scents—and enjoy the beautiful desert scenery, itself a source of joy and inspiration.