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14 de feb
Valentine’s Day 2020

Valentine’s Day 2020

How Many Ways Can You Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Los Cabos?

Nothing says Valentine’s Day like chocolate. Situated near the entrance to The Market at Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach, La Chocolateria is a signature outpost that artfully displays the finest-quality truffles, macaroons and chocolates. In ancient times, high-quality Mexican chocolate was reserved for the nobility. Mexico, in fact, is known as the place of origin for cacao, a fruit that contains the seeds from which chocolate is made. Headed by renowned Mexico City chocolatier José Ramón Castillo, La Chocolateria’s display case features an array of exquisitely produced, totally artisanal, vibrantly colored treats that come in an array of unusual and delicious flavors. Combining 100% Mexican cacao derived principally from Tabasco and Chiapas, these delectable sweets are edible art. One bite will confirm their superior quality.  A perfect gift for that special Valentine. 


In addition to fine chocolates, what says Valentine’s Day more than hearts? Over the years, Pueblo Bonito Resorts has committed to a unique, win-win recycling initiative. Pueblo Bonito Resort hotels recycle bottles by the ton. Israel Battista, a third-generation artisan who runs the nearby San Miguel Blown Glass Factory, collects up to two tons of empties from the resorts each month and cleans, crushes and melts the glass in special ovens. Glass blowers dip long hollow tubes into the molten glass and blow bubbles. Battista and his artisans then shape the melted glass into fish, vases and most especially hearts. These hearts, made in an array of colors (including bright red), have become iconic cultural symbols in Los Cabos. They are for sale in the resorts’ gift shops.

Fine dining in a beautiful candlelit room? That’s a script for a perfect Valentine’s Day dinner. LaFrida, a AAA Four Diamond Award restaurant at Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach, is dedicated to famed Mexican artist Frida Kahlo, with reproductions of her dramatic paintings on the walls. This elegant dining room serves classic yet inventive Mexican cuisine. Many of the dishes can be paired with the restaurant’s exceptional collection of award-winning Mexican wines. There’s also outdoor terrace seating with panoramic ocean views. Bring your camera to dinner: LaFrida’s attentive staff is expert at capturing special moments for couples!

Want to get closer to nature on Valentine’s Day? Book a room at the Towers at Pacifica and have your personal butler make all the arrangements for a romantic dinner for two on the beach. Here you’ll have it all: the serenade of the thundering Pacific surf. A bottle of fine champagne on ice. A menu of your choice, which can include an array of seafood delights unique to the region, such as chocolate clams and the best ceviche.  Of course delicious desserts await.  A slice of Tres Leches cake, perhaps? All this plus the prettiest night sky in all of Cabo. A perfect night to wish upon a star.