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Top Three Art Galleries in San Jose del Cabo

Top Three Art Galleries in San Jose del Cabo

Tucked behind the landmark church off San Jose del Cabo’s Plaza Mijares (the main square), is a vibrant Arts District and an eclectic array of art galleries set along cobblestone lanes. Opening their doors to aficionados as well as curious visitors, these galleries provide a fun and unique way to explore the historic colonial city. More than a dozen Art Gallery District Association members, recognizable by a distinctive bronze plaque posted outside each establishment, invite strollers to meet artists, view new exhibits and enjoy a complimentary glass of wine or tequila. These galleries are of course open during normal business hours. Genres range from painting and sculpture to folk art, ceramics, jewelry and photography by Mexican and international artists.

Here’s our pick of the top three art galleries in town:

Frank Arnold Gallery. An American abstract figurative painter and sculptor, Frank Arnold divides his time between Mexico City and a working studio, home and gallery he designed on Calle Comonfort. The New York Times has described his spacious gallery as “one of the must-see sites in Los Cabos,” and with reason. Arnold’s expressive oil paintings, displayed in private and corporate collections as well as galleries and museums throughout the U.S. and Mexico, depict abstract solitary figures that appear both personal and universal. “If you really see my art, you will see yourself and from there you may see life itself,” said Arnold, a California transplant who has led a colorful life. The artist’s cast bronze sculptures, formed in his Mexico City studio, are inspired by his paintings. They range in size from quarter-life scale to life-size and up to heroic creations, such as the 24-foot-tall Alma de Cabo in the Frank Arnold Plaza de San Jose del Cabo.

Ivan Guaderrama Art Gallery. Situated on Alvaro Obregon, San Jose del Cabo’s main pedestrian thoroughfare on Art Walk nights, this contemporary art gallery features religious-themed paintings, prints and sculptures. Guaderrama, a native of Chihuahua, explained that his introduction of Interactive Art is a “renewal of his artistic and spiritual expression.” By creating specialized software and hardware and applying them to his works of art, Ivan’s paintings, most with a religious or devotional theme, not only produce sounds when touched, but also

come alive with the use of a self-developed application for both iOS and Android technology. Paintings of hearts and angels as well as sculptures of angels form a permanent composition of his work, which he describes as “full of spirit destined to give the world the evangelical message of love, faith and hope.” The interactive art pieces, some with robotic interfaces, offer spectators an augmented reality—and a unique sensory experience. In addition to limited edition originals and interactive canvas prints, the gallery also carries apparel, pillows, tote bags and other themed home décor items. You can also find an Ivan Guaderrama art gallery at The Market at Quivira in Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach.

Patricia Mendoza Art Gallery. Located on a quiet side street within the Art District, this contemporary art gallery, presided over by the personable Ms. Mendoza, reflects her life-long passion for art. The gallery space was specifically created as a place where Mexican artists, both established and up-and-coming, could show their work. The gallery more than succeeds in expanding awareness of leading Mexican artists. The ever-changing collection of paintings and sculptures evokes a range of feelings and visions. “Regardless of the age of the artists, we embrace young and old, creating a blend that not only stays true to the ideals of genuine art, but also doesn’t favor only one style,” Mendoza said. “We provide a vantage point into the potential of our national artists, and it’s very unique perspective.” Despite the wide variety of art exhibited, both figurative and abstract, Mendoza maintains museum-level quality in the work she offers. One of the charms of the gallery is its open entry courtyard and its whimsical sculptures, notably a dynamic Cirque du Soleil-style figure on one of the enclosure’s walls.