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Top 5 Family Activities in Los Cabos

Top 5 Family Activities in Los Cabos

As a family-friendly destination, Los Cabos checks all the boxes for a memorable vacation, from consistently sunny weather to the friendliest welcome in Mexico. Factor in a bevy of activities and direct flights from most major cities in North America, and it’s easy to see why Los Cabos is a favorite choice for families.

Here’s our picks for the top five family activities in Cabo.

1. Swim with dolphins. What kid isn’t fascinated by dolphins? Give the aspirational marine biologists in the family the thrill of a lifetime with a dolphin encounter. Children can interact with these marvelous creatures in two ways at Cabo Adventures. For non-swimmers, the Dolphin Encounter is a good introduction to the Pacific Bottlenose dolphin. Kids can feed the dolphins and learn a few training commands in the shallow end of the pool. Good swimmers who want to get up close and personal with these highly intelligent animals should opt for the Dolphin Swim, where the bravest of the bunch can hitch a ride around the pool.

2. Outback and camel safari. Besides the dolphin encounter, touring the outback in a Unimog (Swiss military vehicle) is every adventurous kid’s idea of serious fun. After a rip-roaring ride through the desert, participants hike along a canyon and learn much about Baja’s flora and fauna. The camel safari across a spectacular stretch of deserted beach is totally unique—and the all-time photo op. Outdoorsy kids will love these excursions.

3. Snorkel and explore Chileno Bay. With its gentle surf, the gorgeous public beach at Chileno Bay is an ideal place for swimming, snorkeling and splashing in the waves. Fronting a protected stretch along the Sea of Cortez, kids will quickly understand why Jacques Cousteau nicknamed Cabo “the aquarium of the world.” Schools of brightly colored fish, including neon tetras and angel fish, swim and dart along coral shelves in the clear waters. Join a snorkeling excursion—or bring your own flippers, mask and snorkel to observe the marine life.

4. Sea turtle release. Nothing beats watching sea turtle hatchlings waddle their way across the sand as they journey towards the sea—unless of course you’re assisting them! Turtle release programs are common in the Los Cabos area, but it’s all dependent upon the birth of the hatchlings and weather conditions. Fall is usually a good bet, but you’ll want to check the timing of the trip beforehand. Both the Q Life and Cabo Outfitters offer turtle release activities, as well as teach kids about conservation and marine mammal behaviors.

5. Children's cooking school. Situated on the outskirts of San Jose del Cabo is Los Tamarindos, an organic farm, cooking school and top-rated restaurant. From November to April, cooking classes (with lunch), customized for children, are available four times per week. Students begin by harvesting their own food from the garden. Next, budding chefs learn how to create Mexican classics in the outdoor kitchen. Dishes include fish with achiote, Mexican rice and stewed pumpkin. Kids four years of age and older are welcome to participate.