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Todos Santos: A Magical Day Trip

Todos Santos: A Magical Day Trip

Located an hour’s drive north of Quivira Los Cabos along a new highway parted through desert foothills along the Pacific coast, Todos Santos (All Saints) is one of Mexico’s “Pueblos Magicos” (Magic Towns) as designated by the Secretariat of Tourism.

Todos Santos checks all the boxes when it comes to offering visitors a "magical" experience. It has natural beauty, cultural richness, traditions, folklore, historical relevance, cuisine, art and crafts, and great hospitality. Straddling the Tropic of Cancer and set between the Sierra de la Laguna mountains and the sea, Todos Santos has a unique quality of light that has long attracted artists. Surfers, too. San Pedrito and Los Cerritos are two of the finest surf spots on the Pacific.  

Founded as a mission by the Jesuits in 1724, this charming village, accented by colonial-era brick buildings and narrow streets and hand-painted signs, is a former sugar capital. It’s also a walker’s town filled with art galleries, sidewalk cafes, taco stands, palm tree groves, quaint bed-and-breakfast lodging, farm-to-table restaurants, eclectic shops and the famous Hotel California (no relation to the Eagles’ song).

While painters are the best-known artists in Todos Santos, the historic downtown area also houses numerous studios and galleries that showcase sculpture (metal, wood, stone) and hand-crafted jewelry. Annual festivals celebrating art, film, music and literature are a fixture in Todos Santos. Then there’s Gastrovino, the town’s yearly food and wine festival. Slated for May 19 – 20, the event’s weekend of festivities culminates in an all-day celebration featuring live music. For premier Mexican wines and the best fish tacos on the planet, Gastrovino is a must!