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Three Asian Restaurants You Need to Try at Quivira Los Cabos

Three Asian Restaurants You Need to Try at Quivira Los Cabos

Asian cuisine never goes out of style. It’s been popular for centuries. Here’s our pick of the top three dining spots for superb Asian fare at Quivira Los Cabos.

Tazuna. One of the culinary lodestars at Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach Golf & Spa Resort, Tazuna is a stylish indoor-outdoor restaurant accented by simple Zen-like décor, formal vegetation and muted colors. It conjures the peaceful serenity of a Japanese garden, and that is by design. The open-air terrace portion of the restaurant offers panoramic ocean views and a series of shaded round tables.

Guests can start their dining experience at Tazuna by selecting a refreshing cocktail from the bar menu, followed by a salad or appetizer. These range from steamed edamame to Pacific Wonton Tostada (fried wonton, chopped fresh tuna with spicy sesame oil, avocado slices, and pickled onions with habanero).

Feeling adventurous? Sample Togarashi Squid (breaded in panko and sautéed with soy sauce and green onions served with wasabi mayonnaise), or Sunomo Salad (cucumber salad, sweet and sour vinaigrette with shrimp and octopus). Each of the main dishes--including chicken or flank steak teriyaki, shrimp tempura, and fish filet with yellow curry—is a crowd-pleaser. Sushi fans will delight in Tazuna’s fabulous raw fish creations, several of which feature a spicy Mexican twist. There’s also a fine selection of nigiris served with wasabi, soy and ginger. Dessert? Opt for the Tempura Ice Cream (fried ice cream with chocolate or red fruit sauce).

Tazuna is open daily for dinner from 5:00 – 10:30 p.m.

Zao Shen. This vibrant, welcoming restaurant, also located at Sunset Beach, serves delicious Asian-fusion cuisine made with savory ingredients from all over Asia, including Thailand and Vietnam. The majority of the dishes are prepared in a wok. All are served family-style, to be shared around the table, as is the custom throughout Asia.

Start with pork or shrimp dumplings, sample the Vietnamese Salad with Fried Crab (served with fresh lettuce, fried kanikama, soybean, lemon and mint), and consider one of the classic soups, wonton or hot & sour. The noodle and rice dishes are superb (chow mein, anyone?), while the vegetarian choices, from spicy

eggplant to chop suey, are excellent. The main courses offer something for everyone with an array of chicken, shrimp, pork or steak among the offerings.

There is, of course, a fortune cookie at the end of the meal, among other dessert options such as black tea brownie accompanied by kiwi sauce.

Zao Shen is open daily for dinner from 5:00 – 10:30 p.m.

Pescados. An intimate, casually elegant patio restaurant located at Pueblo Bonito Pacifica Golf & Spa Resort, Pescados has a relaxing ambiance that perfectly complements its superb sushi menu. The chef's signature Japanese-inspired dishes include sashimi, sushi rolls of every description, maki, and nigiri, all made with the freshest Cabo seafood. With a breeze off the sea, it’s one of the most enchanting spots for a light meal at Pacifica, the adults-only beachfront hideaway with a very loyal following. It’s easy to misjudge Pescados based on its informal patio setting, but many repeat guests make a beeline for this best-kept seafood spot once they’re settled in. Make sure to inquire about ‘catch of the day’ specials, especially if yellowtail and other local species are available.

Open daily for dinner. Dress code is smart casual.