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The Letty Coppel Foundation: Improving the Lives of Those in Need

The Letty Coppel Foundation: Improving the Lives of Those in Need

“All the gold in the world means nothing, what lasts are the good deeds we do for all fellow men.”   -- Adolfo Prieto


Founded in 2004 by Letty Coppel, the Fundacion Letty Coppel was created with the primary objective of improving the quality of life within the communities of Los Cabos and Mazatlán.

The Foundation’s main goal is to support families most in need, particularly their environment and living conditions. “What happens to them and their development is what concerns us,” Ms. Coppel said, noting that promoting sustainable development and nurturing culture and education are the pathways to a better society.

In essence, the Foundation’s philanthropic efforts seek the steady improvement of needy communities in Los Cabos and Mazatlán. Thousands of people in these areas benefit from the Foundation’s programs.   

The Letty Coppel Foundation focuses its philanthropic actions on three main areas, including: Social Care, Community Development, and Culture and Traditions.

In the Social Care category, great strides have been made at the Social Assistance Center in Los Cabos.

For example, the Department of Attention to the Elderly ensures that those advanced in years live with dignity. The department promotes active, healthy human relations and provides quality care to the elderly. Leisure time activities mix creativity, patience, order and mobility. In addition to recreational activities, older adults are invited to perform tasks that stimulate them, improve their self-confidence and boost their self-esteem, from postural hygiene to dance therapy. 

For the younger generation, the center offers the Homework Club. This program facilitates the need of parents who wish to advise their children academically during homework time. Exercises are designed to strengthen the abilities, skills and knowledge of children, helping them to improve their study habits. The club promotes the interactive learning of boys and girls, with the goal of strengthening their academic level.

The center’s Self-Employment Groups recognize that in many cases women, the irreplaceable pillars of the community, are heads of families. Knowing that many women in disadvantaged neighborhoods suffer high economic vulnerability, violence, exclusion and abandonment, the Foundation provides training in trades that can be pursued at home to promote gainful employment. Women learn to make handicrafts, jewelry, piñatas, jellies, and pastries. Some are trained as hair stylists. These trades are invaluable to personal development and financial independence.

The Nutritional Department of the Social Assistance Center is focused on people who need to improve the quality of their lives by adopting a healthy diet. According to the center, “Nutrition is one of the pillars of health. At all ages, adequate nutrition allows one to strengthen the immune system, contract fewer diseases and generally enjoy good health.”

The goal of the center’s Department of Psychology is to train people to solve their own conflicts, live in a more creative and loving way, and tap internal resources to reach their potential and self-heal. In addition to workshops, courses and conferences, the department offers individual, couples, and family therapy.

The Department of Psychopedagogy, a.k.a. educational psychology, covers the various stages of learning and provides support to children, adolescents, parents and guardians. Among the lines of action: language therapy, study techniques, behavioral therapy, motivation, Braille system, and workshops for parents.

Lastly, the center’s Physiotherapy Department seeks to improve the quality of life for patients, from the pediatric to the geriatric stages. Specialized care as well as qualified and innovative treatments are provided for each patient’s needs during the rehabilitation process.

“There is nothing like giving back and having a positive influence on other people,” Ms. Coppel commented. “Having the opportunity to improve people’s lives is a responsibility that we all have. I am blessed to be able to do this. If you don’t have a particular charity to support, I encourage you to support the Letty Coppel Foundation. Help is always needed and greatly appreciated.”