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The Advantages of Living or Vacationing by the Sea

The Advantages of Living or Vacationing by the Sea

Let’s start with negative ions, the odorless, tasteless and invisible molecules we inhale in certain environments. Pueblo Bonito Pacifica and Sunset Beach resorts belly up to a glorious stretch of wave-tossed beach that extends for over a mile. The pounding Pacific surf on the doorstep of these two resort hotels is the greatest negative ion producer imaginable. Once they reach the bloodstream, negative ions increase the flow of oxygen to the brain and are believed to produce biochemical reactions that increase levels of serotonin. This mood chemical helps to relieve stress, boost daytime energy and alleviate depression. A walk on the beach, with tens of thousands of negative ions in the air, can produce a mild sense of euphoria, even a gentle mental release. The beach, accessible only to resort guests, is a beachcomber’s delight and a perfect place to toss your cares to the wind. As a bonus, strollers can observe humpback whales breaching and spouting close to shore during the winter months.
It’s a scientific fact that “blue spaces” support good health and well-being. Los Cabos certainly qualifies. From the Tourism Corridor on the Sea of Cortez, up the East Cape towards La Paz, and on the Pacific Coast leading up to Todos Santos, the ocean floods the horizon from every vantage point.

Here are five additional reasons why proximity to the ocean promotes physical and mental health:

• Just be you. Many people enter a trance-like state when they watch and listen to ocean waves. It’s effortless meditation. Your thoughts are taken out to sea with each receding wave. The ocean gives a feeling of comfort and self-contentment.

• Relax. Stress is a major cause of illness. The ocean has a way of deeply relaxing us and grounding us. Sitting in the sand while the breakers roll in to shore creates a sense of peaceful bliss. We stop trying to problem-solve and instead live in the moment. Time slows down near the sea.

• Great sleep. The white noise created by crashing waves offers a soothing and relaxing lullaby, promoting deep, restorative sleep. Body and mind often awake refreshed and well-rested after spending a day by the sea.

• Meditation. One of the simplest guided meditations online involves ocean waves. Imagining the water entering our bodies and taking all the negativity out to sea is a powerful visualization. Breathing to the beat of the waves rolling in and out can be a means to accepting the impermanence of life. The ocean is in constant motion without effort, but with power. That’s a very inspiring image for meditation.

• Cleansing qualities. The ocean offers many cleansing qualities for body, mind and spirit. The salty sea air is a tonic. For those staying at Pueblo Bonito Blanco or Rose hotels on Medano Beach, where the calm waters of the San Lucas Bay are safe for swimming, the skin is revived by saltwater. Plus taking a long barefoot walk on the beach gives your feet a natural scrub and exfoliation.

Living or vacationing near the sea can be soothing and stress-relieving. But even if you can’t see the coast from your home, spending time in nature is time well invested. However, if frozen landscapes leave you cold, if a fix of warm sun and sea air and the ocean itself are what you need, it’s time to book a Pueblo Bonito Resorts vacation.