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Tasty Tuesdays: Quiet Streets, Bold Flavors

Tasty Tuesdays: Quiet Streets, Bold Flavors

San Jose del Cabo’s Thursday night Art Walk is a fixture on the calendar from November through June, offering visitors an ideal opportunity to explore the city’s historic Art District. 

Currently in its place is Tasty Tuesdays, a culinary program designed to attract foodies to a charming colonial town that represents the quiet, traditional side of Los Cabos. Redolent of the 18th century, San Jose’s main plaza, which radiates from a venerable twin-spired church, is shaded by century-old Indian laurel trees. In the vicinity of the church, you’ll find quaint cobblestone streets lined by open-air garden bistros and trendy new fusion restaurants, many of the occupying colorful old buildings.

The newly designated 23400 District is the heart of San José del Cabo, a place to celebrate food as a universal language and discover what makes the cuisine of Los Cabos so special. Stroll the quiet streets, slide into the town’s history, taste the essence of Cabo in every bite. In between enjoying delicious cuisine, pause to appreciate a work of art or feast your eyes on a spectacular sunset.

In the 23400 District, expert chefs create flavorful cuisine in endless forms. Culinary influences from around the world are fused with local farm-fresh ingredients. This vibrant community of artists and innovators welcomes food lovers from all walks of life. 

Recipes are shaped by the culinary identity of the Baja region. The city’s best chefs, each with his or her own distinctive style, use modern and traditional techniques to interpret these recipes—or introduce new ones of their own. These chefs are passionate about the sensory experience of a meal; all of them aim to deliver gastronomic pleasure. 

On Tasty Tuesdays, delicious food is the coin of the realm--the best of San José del Cabo’s foodie scene is available at this popular weekly event. 

Here’s how it works. Each Tuesday, participating restaurants feature a fixed menu of two to three signature dishes for a set price, giving guests the opportunity to eat like a local--and connect with the culinary community.

Here’s a good example. Don Sanchez, a well-established restaurant in Plaza Mijares, the town’s main square, offers a splendid 3-course meal on Tasty Tuesdays. A typical menu: 

  • Appetizer -- Pork belly taco in hoisin sauce, pineapple relish with habanero and basil, avocado, garlic chips and radish flakes.
  • Main Course -- Beef brisket braised for 8 hours,  mushroom and avocado risotto, tamarind and pasilla pepper demi-glace, truffle oil and crispy parmesan.
  • Dessert -- Sweet tamale with sponge and raisins, cooked on a corn husk, creamy passion fruit and mango sorbet with lavender, white chocolate filled with dark chocolate scented with mezcal, cocoa flake worm salt. 

This truly gourmet meal is priced at 750 pesos (approximately $38.00 USD), a tremendous deal. Gratuity not included. 

“By creating an optimal space for fine dining in San Jose del Cabo, we hope to share our passion with travelers and locals alike. We hope you enjoy your experience as much as we enjoy creating it!” said Don Sanchez chef Edgar Roman.

Here are a few other culinary outposts in San Jose del Cabo worth seeking out on  Tasty Tuesdays: Habanero’s Gastro Grill, Los Tres Gallos San Jose, Jardin Secreto, Casa Don Rodrigo, and Yumana Kitchen.