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Slow Down

Slow Down

How to Slow Down & Enjoy the Moment.  Life right now is stressful. A global pandemic has changed everyone’s outlook, and has impacted everyone’s life. While exercising proper hygiene and ‘social distancing,’ it’s easy to get bogged down by worry and forget that there are many ways to slow down, relax and enjoy those special moments. Here are three suggestions.


Beach Walk.  The Pueblo Bonito Pacifica and Sunset Beach resorts front a magnificent stretch of pristine beach that extends for more than a mile. A wise old man who lived by the sea once said, “If people could stroll the beach every day for an hour or so, no one would need to see a shrink.” This is especially true for those who leave their cell phone behind. The resort community’s beach, the last stretch of sand along the Sea of Cortes before it meets the Pacific Ocean below the old lighthouse (it marks the southernmost tip of the Baja Peninsula), is a wave-tossed, wind-swept strand where humpback whales breach close to shore through late March. It’s a beachcomber’s delight, and a perfect place to toss your cares to the wind.  Can’t be in Cabo right now? Go for a nature walk where you live.


Read a Book. Whether a hardback, paperback or a book on Kindle, reading is a great way to immerse yourself in a well-written tale. Modern or classic, fiction or non-fiction, the list of possibilities is limitless. A few suggestions:

  • The Overstory, a Pulitzer Prize-winning novel by Richard Powers, is a stunning paean to the natural world (specifically trees) and the handful of people from across the U.S. drawn into an environmental catastrophe. Poignant, unforgettable and original.
  • Origin, the international best-seller by Dan Brown (author of The Da Vinci Code), is a page-turning thriller that takes readers on a breakneck tour of Barcelona as Harvard professor Robert Langdon tries to unlock the secret to a shocking discovery about the origin of life.
  • The Swerve, ‘How the World Became Modern,’ is a National Book Award and Pulitzer Prize non-fiction winner by Stephen Greenblatt that transports readers from ancient Rome to medieval monasteries to trace the 15th-century quest by a papal secretary for a lost poem that would change the world.

Count Your Blessings. The best way to do that is to embrace your family and enjoy your friends (at a safe distance). Devices like cell phones and computers were supposed to create more leisure time. In fact, they’ve had the opposite effect, cutting into our free time by focusing attention on a nonstop torrent of incoming text messages and emails. Now that we’re being asked to ‘shelter in place’ for our common well-being, we have the opportunity to set aside our devices and spend more meaningful time with our loved ones. If and when you get tired of board games and puzzles and watching TV, keep your spirits up by planning your next vacation to Pueblo Bonito!