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sea turtle swimming through the ocean with a fish on his back
Six Things About Quivira Los Cabos You May Not Know

Six Things About Quivira Los Cabos You May Not Know

  1. Turtle Release Program - Since 2003, Pueblo Bonito Oceanfront Resorts & Spas and now Quivira Los Cabos has taken part in ecological conservation efforts, notably its world-renowned turtle protection and release program. The resort community believes in educating visitors and neighbors alike about the importance of active conservation, in this case releasing turtle hatchlings from their protected nests. Because the hatchlings are easy prey for natural predators, these gentle reptiles need all the help they can get in order to reach maturity and increase their numbers. For guests and owners visiting Los Cabos from late September through mid-December, the opportunity is available to assist conservation team members as they carry the hatchlings of four endangered species of sea turtles to the sea. Guests and owners enjoy hands-on participation during this truly rewarding experience, one that creates wonderful memories and photo opportunities. A fun and fascinating way to assist Mother Nature!

  2. The Market - The Market at Quivira, a unique culinary concept, has quickly established itself as a “foodie” destination unlike any other in Los Cabos. Inspired by modern food halls such as the Plaza Hotel in New York and Harrods in London, The Market, featuring an array of eateries and a central bar, has redefined the region’s gastronomic “food hall” experience. Located near the Sunset Beach motor lobby, The Market welcomes guests to enjoy its array of food and beverage options with their all-inclusive plans. (Only the chocolate shop and top-shelf cocktails are not included in the program). The Market’s open-floor complex features several enticing restaurants, including a classic American-style diner and La Huerta (fresh organic foods), as well as casual dining options offering Asian, Italian and Mexican cuisine, among other options. Judging by the number of patrons who visit daily, The Market has been a runaway success since its debut last December.

  3. Glass Objets d’Art - Quivira Los Cabos has raised its recycling efforts to a fine art. How? Pueblo Bonito’s four resort hotels recycle glass bottles, jars and more by the ton. Thanks to a relationship with the nearby San Miguel Blown Glass Factory, up to two tons of empties are trucked from the resorts to the factory each month. The bottles are cleaned, crushed and melted. Glass-blowers dip long hollow tubes into the molten glass and blow bubbles. Artisans then shape the melted glass into fish, vases and most famously, the hearts that have become iconic throughout Quivira Los Cabos. In a circle of sustainability, the Pueblo Bonito resort hotels not only supply the raw materials, the resort company buys back the glass art pieces by the hundreds to display around its hotels and communities. These whimsical, artistic objets d’art hang in clusters on trees throughout the property and sway in the wind for guests’ delight. They are also available for purchase in the resorts’ gift shops.

  4. The Old Lighthouse - Perched on cliffs high above the roiling sea, the par-3 sixth holes at Quivira Golf Club, its deep green carved into the base of a massive dune, is one of the most dramatic and spectacular one-shotters Jack Nicklaus has ever built. The path from the green to the seventh tee leads to an equally spectacular creation, the region’s original lighthouse. Situated at kilometer zero at true Land’s End–the exact place where the Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific Ocean–the castle-like lighthouse, the oldest standing structure in Cabo San Lucas (circa 1905), is a National Historic Monument. Even the most score-obsessed golfer cannot help but marvel at this stolid edifice and its impressive octagonal stone tower.

  5. Sky Pool - Los Cabos is known for its magnificent technicolor sunsets. Epic and memorable, a typical Cabo sunset floods the western sky with shades of pink and orange and purple as the sun sinks into the sea. There is perhaps no better place in all of Cabo to observe this dazzling phenomenon than the Sky Pool at Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach. Perched at the pinnacle of the sprawling resort’s terraced buildings, the Sky Pool, one of six pools at the resort, is situated at roughly 250 feet above sea level. It’s a perfect observation point for a postcard Cabo sunset—and a memorable “selfie” to send to friends back home.

  6. Clubhouse at Copala Los Cabos - Opened last year, the clubhouse at Copala Los Cabos, designed expressly for community residents, is an ideal gathering place for owners as well as their families and friends. Casual but comfortable, the airy, multi-level clubhouse, featuring expansive ocean views, has something for everyone. An infinity-edge pool with shaded hammock overhangs. A children’s pool with splash fountains. A couples’ massage room. An intimate movie theater. A deli / market. A casual indoor / outdoor restaurant with a sports bar. A fire pit with flexible seating. Plus a suite of fully furnished offices and a conference room for residents who might need to put in a few hours of work. There’s also a clubhouse concierge on hand to take care of all member requests.