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Quivira: A Role Model in Sustainable Water Use

Quivira: A Role Model in Sustainable Water Use

In March, we celebrate World water day, a date on which we reflect on the importance of this vital liquid.

Have you ever thought about what water represents? It is one of the most precious resources of our planet, the source that gives us the possibility to enjoy our environment. Water is everything, which is why it is crucial to take measures to preserve it and ensure a sustainable future for everyone.

Approximately 36% of the world's population - around 2.4 billion people - live in areas where water is scarce. In Los Cabos, a favorite tourist destination for many, one of the main challenges is precisely the availability of drinking water.

We at Quivira are aware of the situation, we are committed to this task and carry out several actions in order to maximize water usage and use it in a sustainable manner. Our space has been designed and conceived to ensure that all our residents and visitors have access to water, while guaranteeing the preservation of the municipality's water resources by not depending on its supply. This way, we indirectly contribute to improving the water value chain in the region as we focus on a self-sufficient and sustainable model that allows us to enjoy water responsibly.


How Quivira contributes to water preservation

 Quivira has a complete water circuit, from its extraction, potabilization, use, treatment, and reuse where it returns to nature responsibly, making a remarkable difference in the preservation of resources.

The desalination plants at Quivira are an example of advanced technology that converts seawater into safe drinking water for human consumption. Every day, these plants produce four million six hundred and fifty thousand liters of drinking water.

 But that’s not all: there are also two wastewater treatment plants that process wastewater from the hotels, residential developments, amenities, and even industrial laundry. Thanks to this process, treated water can be reused to irrigate the golf course and green areas, thereby complying with the water cycle and becoming a more sustainable community.

Quivira actions with drinking and wastewater


  • 100% of the water used in Quivira comes from the desalination plants, which makes us self-sufficient and not dependent on the municipality. This is where we produce all the drinking water needed for our community.
  • The wastewater treated in our treatment plants comes from all areas of the property, including the hotel, residential and industrial ones. This includes soapy water, sanitary water and water from toilets and showers.
  • By producing our own water, we are not taking resources away from the municipality but rather collaborating. Besides, our system has the capacity to produce more water than what we currently use, which guarantees the supply for Quivira’s constant development and growth.
  • As we know that water is scarce in Los Cabos, generating our own resource as a residential development is a source of pride. This allows municipal water to be used for the benefit of the communities, generating indirect benefits in the area.
  • At Quivira, our plants are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and rigorous quality controls. Our personnel, on the other hand, is highly skilled and in constant training to be prepared for any contingency. Our operators are trained to guarantee that plants always work in an efficient and safe way.
  • At our various sites, we perform water quality sampling with the help of certified laboratories. These laboratories are carefully selected and their amount is adjusted to comply with the required statistical standards.

At Quivira, the commitment to the environment is a priority. With the production of drinking water and wastewater treatment, we are doing our bit to be sustainable for the well-being of our community and for our planet.