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Pueblo Bonito Resorts Is An Environmental Custodian and Community Supporter

July 25, 2016

Green. That’s the color eco-conscious travelers look for when making travel plans and hotel decisions. Modern travelers, from hipsters and parents to millennials and tree-huggers, expect vacation providers to ‘Think global, act local.’

In response, Pueblo Bonito Golf & Spa Resorts has raised its recycling efforts to a fine art. How? Pueblo Bonito’s four resort hotels routinely drain and recycle bottles by the ton. Thanks to a special relationship with Israel Battista, a third-generation artisan who runs the San Miguel Blown Glass Factory in the nearby village of El Arenal, up to two tons of empties are trucked from the resorts to the factory each month. Each bottle is cleaned, crushed and melted in special ovens built by Battista. Expert glass-blowers    —Cabo is a hotbed of creativity — dip long, hollow tubes into the molten glass and blow bubbles. Battista and his artisans shape the melted bottles into fish, vases, and hearts that have become iconic cultural symbols in Los Cabos and throughout Mexico.

“It’s been a good relationship for everyone,” Battista says with a broad smile.

Here’s why.

In a circle of sustainability, Pueblo Bonito not only supplies the raw materials for Battista’s creations, the resort company buys back the art pieces by the hundreds to display around its hotels and communities, providing aesthetic pleasure to guests and residents alike. That beautiful centerpiece at La Frida, the signature dining room at Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach Golf & Spa Resort named for Mexican artist Frida Kahlo, was produced by the San Miguel Blown Glass Factory from recycled bottles. Ditto the numerous red heart ornaments that dangle rom desert trees at all four resort hotels, notably in the center of the circular entryway at Pueblo Bonito Pacifica Golf & Spa Resort.

This unique recycling initiative sends the right message to discerning, eco-conscious, green-oriented travelers who want to see local communities benefit from their visits.

Keep those red hearts coming!

Read more inside information in the latest issue of the Real Escape at Pueblo Bonito: https://issuu.com/pueblobonitoresorts/docs/_1pueblobonito_hires_singles/1

Instagram -  @quiviraloscabos

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