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October Welcomes Cabo’s Biggest Fishing Tournaments

October Welcomes Cabo’s Biggest Fishing Tournaments

Situated at the tip of the Baja Peninsula in the place where the Sea of Cortes meets the Pacific Ocean, Cabo is a legendary deep-sea fishing capital. More big-game fish are caught in Los Cabos, a.k.a. “Marlin Alley,” than anywhere else in the world. October, when marlin fishing is at its best, produces the biggest catches (and the biggest jackpots).

According to Bisbee’s, the celebrated name behind the most prestigious competitions, “tournaments…have entry categories that cater to anglers of all levels. Family and friends all have a chance to win millions.” Because Cabo’s nutrient-rich waters attract numerous prized species, the high-catch success rate applies even to those with limited fishing experience. That said, Bisbee’s pair of iconic tournaments tend to attract experienced, competitive sportsmen in quest of trophy fish—and titanic cash prizes.

Anticipation is keen for Cabo’s three top-tier fishing tournaments scheduled for next month. In August, dozens of teams competed in Bisbee’s East Cape Offshore event, with Team Stella June’s 375-pound black marlin, caught on the second day of the three-day event, earning the team a handsome $1,286,385 payday.

For anglers planning to participate in the upcoming tournaments, NOW is the time to submit your entry fee. Here’s a brief review of what’s to come in
chronological order.

1. Los Cabos Billfish Tournament. Scheduled for Oct. 16 – 20, this venerable tournament, now in its 24th year, is the first major offshore event of the season. The tourney’s tagline says it all: Great Fishing | Memorable Parties | Large Purse. Co-sponsored by the Los Cabos Tourism Board, this contest doesn’t pack the punch of the Bisbee’s extravaganzas, but it’s a well-run competition that usually produces some major catches. The tournament offers two different options, one dedicated to billfish, the other to a Tuna/Wahoo/Dorado (“TWD”) jackpot. Fishermen can enter one or both competitions. The Los Cabos Billfish Tournament generally records upwards of 150 billfish catches over three days of competitive fishing.

2. Bisbee’s Los Cabos Offshore Tournament. Any fishing tournament with “Bisbee’s” in the name is a big deal in gamefish circles. Slated for Oct. 20 - 23, the “Little Bisbee’s,” as it’s known, would be the talk of the town were it not a warm-up act for the planet’s premier fishing pow-wow. On the plus side, the Bisbee’s Offshore is a very social event full of camaraderie where
friends can meet, swap (tall) tales and get in a few days of fishing before the “Big Show.” The final night awards celebration at Maria Corona Restaurant, a landmark eatery in downtown Cabo San Lucas, is traditionally a VERY lively occasion.

3. Bisbee’s Black & Blue Tournament. The Big Kahuna. Billed as “five days of organized chaos full of hard-core excitement,” this eagerly anticipated jamboree brims with boatloads of cash and mucho prestige. Bisbee’s Black & Blue is the Super Bowl of competitive deep-sea fishing, a world-class event that ardent anglers dream of winning in their most ecstatic reveries. Scheduled for Oct. 25 – 29, Bisbee’s Black & Blue has been contested in the fertile waters of Los Cabos for four decades. Since its inception, its reputation has spread far and wide across the globe. The event has grown from six teams with a purse of $10,000 to more than 150 teams with millions of dollars on the line. In 2006, the tournament had its biggest overall cash payout of $4,165,960. This was, and remains, the largest payout in sport fishing history. Will this year’s jackpot break the record? Anglers with skin in the game and thousands of casual observers will stick around to find out. Starting at 2:00 p.m. each day of the competition, the weigh station in front of the Puerto Paraiso Entertainment Plaza on the Cabo San Lucas marina is a great place to partake in the merriment and watch huge fish being hoisted on the scales. According to Bisbee’s, “The Black & Blue is a once in a lifetime experience you’ll never forget, whether
you take home memories or millions.” https://www.bisbees.com/Tournament/BisbeesBlackAndBlue