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Los Cabos International Film Festival 2020

Los Cabos International Film Festival 2020

It’s official. The 9th edition of the Los Cabos International Film Festival, November 11 – 19, will be digital in light of the pandemic. In previous years, actors, directors, producers, industry professionals and movie fans from around the world flocked to the red carpet-worthy destination of Los Cabos.

“Since the first edition, the Los Cabos International Film Festival has brought a cinematic environment to this peninsula with all its economic and technological implications,” reported TENDENCIA, the official magazine of the festival. The 9th edition, it added, will be in a digital format for the first time.

According to the festival’s organizers, “The splendor of Los Cabos, an indissoluble component of the festival, will be present in this digital space where the most attractive environments, landscapes and corners of this destination are highlighted as an integral part of our film celebration.”

Among the festival’s events will be a group discussion led by five young Mexican film professionals who will provide a look at the challenges and strengths of the industry. They are expected to trace the evolution of Mexican cinema and pay tribute to award-winning Mexican directors, such as Alfonso Cuaron, Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, Guillermo del Toro and Echevarria y Maria Novaro.

The festival’s opening film will be the Latin American premiere of Kajillionaire, which debuted at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year. The synopsis: A family of petty con artists invites a bubbly young woman to join their clan, a decision that will turn their scheming world completely upside down. The film stars Evan Rachel Wood, Richard Jenkins, Debra Winger and Gina Rodriguez.

The cornerstone of the festival will be Competencia Los Cabos, a showcase for seven of the most consequential films from Mexico, the United States and Canada. As the festival’s sole competitive section, these films will be carefully curated. In addition, filmmakers will be invited to converse with the audience about their processes and creative methods.

In addition, five distinctive films will have their Latin American premiere as part of the festival’s Panorama category. These titles include 76 Days, There is No Evil, One Night in Miami, Wolfwalkers and Quo Vadis, Aida?

Other films to be screened include Summertime, by Carlos Lopez Estrada, a musical set in Los Angeles that follows the lives of 25 youngsters from different backgrounds who cross paths for one torrid day.

The Afterdark portion of the festival will be given over to “a trio of fascinating stories and explosive images, straight out of the imagination—or nightmares—of horror cinema.” The titles include Get the Hell Out (Taiwan), She Dies Tomorrow (U.S.), and Relic (Australia).

The festival’s closing film is Shirley, is a spellbinder directed by Josephine Decker. The synopsis: After accepting an invitation to live in professor Stanley Hyman’s (Michael Stuhlbarg) house, Fred (Logan Lerman) and Rose (Odessa Young) get caught in an unsettling experiment led by famous horror writer Shirley Jackson (Elisabeth Moss), who uses them to feed her next novel without regard for the impact her actions could have on the young couple.

The festival’s 2020 mission statement is succinct and powerful. “Cinema is an inexhaustible window to search and find ourselves, a space of thought, confrontation and above all, an arena for the reimagination of our present. In the current context of global crisis, Los Cabos International Film Festival launches a special edition that seeks to ignite dialogue about the ways in which we relate, inhabit and create in a shared world. This fracture, a kind of glitch in our quotidian lives, presents a chance for us to shake and question the inequalities of an unsustainable system, in which creators might light the way towards a more horizontal and fair world.”

For more information on the festival’s events, visit https://en.cabosfilmfestival.com/