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QLife: Living the Best Life at Quivira Los Cabos

QLife: Living the Best Life at Quivira Los Cabos

Q Life: Living the Best Life at Quivira Los Cabos

A lifestyle club created exclusively for residents of Quivira Los Cabos, Q Life offers a comprehensive approach to individual pursuits and group well-being. With its extensive menu of programs, Q Life inspires residents to seek new ways to enjoy a healthy lifestyle while developing friendships with those who share their interests.

According to Q Life project coordinator Daniela Palos, “Q Life inspires physical, cultural, social and intellectual wellness through the harmony between nature and friendly, happy communal living.”

A revamped schedule for 2020 offers residents more inclusive activities for all family members, especially children and teens:

Movie night at Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach Fun Lab
Mountain biking tours (ages 12 and up)
Guided walks on Quivira’s nature trails
Whale watching
Golf lessons for teens and kids
Kid’s Club at Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach

Cocktail Parties

The weekly Q Life cocktail party offers Quivira owners a place to chill, relax and get to know others who belong to this special community. Held weekly, these gatherings take place at a beautiful spot between Quivira Steakhouse and the golf course timed for residents to enjoy a beautiful sunset.  Also featured are live music and local artist expositions. “Also, the cocktail parties are very important for the staff because it is a wonderful opportunity to get feedback and to discuss community topics with the residents at these get-togethers,” Palos explained.

Art and Culture

Q Life promotes cultural experiences that allow participants to acquire a new appreciation of culture and world knowledge, while also broadening horizons through local and Mexican cultural experiences. In addition to guided tours of the old lighthouse, a landmark structure that dates to 1905, cultural programs feature itinerant visual art exhibitions by rising national artists, such as Ivan Guaderrama’s Art Gallery at The Market.

Nature Trails

Whether walking, running or mountain biking, Quivira’s network of trails enables members of all physical abilities to flow with the Baja’s natural sounds and scents—and enjoy the unique mountain-desert-ocean environment. The benefits of connecting with nature equate to peace of mind and pure enjoyment. Q Life currently offers mountain biking tours two days each week, while another day is dedicated to guided walks along nature trails or treks to the old lighthouse.