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Photo of Yessica, Quivira Employee
Introducing the New Q Life Activities Director

Introducing the New Q Life Activities Director

It is a pleasure to introduce a new member to our team: Yessica Rintflaich, our new Leisure & Experiences Director. Yessica will be the moving force behind the development and implementation of all activities and amenities offered as part of the Q Life program, the lifestyle program planned for our Quivira Community.

The Q Life is a comprehensive and holistic concept that seeks individual and group wellbeing, one that facilitates the full development of one’s physical, cultural, social and intellectual potentialities through harmony with nature as well as friendly and happy community-oriented living.

Traveling the long journey from Argentina, the country famous for its tango dancing, unparalleled meat dishes and fabulous wines, Yessica now begins her adventure of living abroad in Los Cabos, her paradise in the world. Since moving, Yessica has discovered her passion for traveling and getting to know new places, cultures and traditions. She also enjoys challenges and other new experiences, including trying new sports and making new friends wherever she goes.

We are confident you will get along with Yessica and enjoy all that she brings to the program. We leave you with a few words from our new Community Activities Director:

 “It is an immense satisfaction for me, personally and professionally, to be able to work with this beautiful team on the Q Life project.

The project’s goal is to create and offer a comprehensive life experience, one that is active and healthy. In order to achieve this, we are working to implement many activities and amenities that will fulfil the expectations of each member of our community, with the goal of making your experiences unforgettable while taking into consideration your interests and necessities. We believe new friendships and strong relationships will emerge between you and other members of the community, leading to a wonderful, communal feeling of wellbeing.

It will be a pleasure to meet you personally, and I hope to have the opportunity soon. I will be happy to receive any suggestions, ideas and/or comments you may have, and I look forward to sharing some of the activities with you that we are sure will bring you great joy. We have big expectations for the Q Life project and are very excited about it; we believe you will be as well!

Stay tuned for more information!