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Healthy Living in Quivira Los Cabos

Healthy Living in Quivira Los Cabos

Los Cabos is many things. A deep-sea fishing capital. A world-class golf mecca. A major foodie destination. A beacon for those who love the mesmerizing desert-meets-ocean setting.

But Cabo has also become a wellness retreat, a place where healthy-minded travelers can relax, restore and recharge.

There are three good options for self-renewal at Quivira Los Cabos.

Armonia Spa. Guest and resident access to the top-rated Armonia Spas at the Pueblo Bonito Pacifica and Sunset Beach resorts is a godsend. Both spas are genuine wellness sanctuaries, each distinctive and beautifully appointed with total relaxation in mind. Each spa offers a complete menu of rejuvenating treatments designed to relax and revive.

The magic element that sets Armonia Spas apart from the competition? Its own signature product line, Armonia Spa Organic, with several of the products derived from plants native to the Baja Peninsula. Additional ingredients include USDA-certified organic shea butter and cocoa butter, dry-rolled dead sea salts, and Bach flowers that increase the benefits of all the products. The staff of fully licensed therapists apply the most advanced techniques to obtain the great benefits nature offers for physical, emotional and spiritual healing. This is especially true for rituals that include an exfoliation and a body wrap followed by a detoxifying, invigorating or relaxing massage.

Perfect Balance. The Market at Quivira, the acclaimed gastronomic food hall located at Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach, has been a cutting-edge hotspot for foodies since its debut in 2016. With nutrition awareness at an all-time high, The Market took a holistic approach to health and nourishment two years ago when it opened Perfect Balance, a wellness bar that combines the finest organic ingredients to offer guests a panoply of delicious, nutritious items. These include cold-pressed juices, smoothies, wellness shots, healthy snacks, vegan dishes, salads, fish and meat dishes, and more. Craving something scrumptious? Guests and visitors alike can experience for themselves just how tasty and nutritious superfoods like acai, chia, bee pollen, spirulina, and maca can be. By harvesting many of the ingredients for the dining outlet’s menu items from Pueblo Bonito’s

own gardens and from off-site organic sources, Perfect Balance supports and promotes sustainable farming practices. This emphasis on fresh, local foodstuffs is vital to preserving the natural splendor of an idyllic but fragile destination like Los Cabos.

Q Life Experiences. A lifestyle club created exclusively for residents at Quivira Los Cabos, Q Life offers a synergistic approach to individual pursuits and group activities. With its comprehensive menu of programs, Q Life inspires residents to seek new ways to enjoy a balanced, healthy lifestyle. Six themed pillars enable residents to pursue a myriad array of passions, interests, and experiences. At the top of the list are the “Wellness” and “Experiences in Nature” pillars, which provide a roadmap for a physically active lifestyle that also includes emotional and spiritual dimensions in contact with nature. For example, the centuries-old practice of yoga enables practitioners to control their minds and senses through yoga body positions (asanas), breathing techniques, and guided meditation. An activities calendar centered around a state-of-the-art fitness center where residents can train on weights, treadmills, lifecycles, and elliptical cross-trainers. In addition, Quivira’s extensive network of nature trails encourages healthy communal outings. Whether walking, jogging, hiking, or mountain biking, the trails enable members at all physical ability levels to flow with the region’s natural scents and sounds—and soak in the majestic Baja desert scenery. Another space for interaction with nature is the Amakiri Botanical Garden, the most recent amenity at Quivira Los Cabos; an area where you can discover the flora and fauna of Baja Sur while enjoying a variety of experiences in the garden, such as cooking classes, yoga, among others.