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Fun Ways to Cool Off This Summer

Fun Ways to Cool Off This Summer

There’s no escaping it. Los Cabos gets toasty in the summer, the humidity a match for the mercury. By July, with the sun high in the sky and the desert parched to a shade of khaki brown, locals and visitors alike look for creative ways to cool off outside their air-conditioned homes and hotel rooms.

Here’s are four of our favorite ways to cope with El Sol and rising temperatures this summer.

1. Medano Beach 

Los Cabos is home to nearly 20 eco-certified Blue Flag beaches. (When you see a Blue Flag flying in Los Cabos, you know the beach is clean and accessible, has excellent water quality, meets high safety standards, and is working to protect local shorelines and ecosystems). At the top of the list is Medano Beach, a two-mile crescent of soft sand lapped by gentle waves in the Bay of San Lucas. For a family-friendly frolic in mild surf on a warm day, this is a perfect choice. Lined with bars, restaurants, cantinas, and beach clubs, this grand strand is ground zero for social life in Cabo. Medano Beach is located directly in front of Blanco and Rose, Pueblo Bonito’s two downtown resort hotels. For a peaceful beach experience, arrive early in the day or just before sunset.

2. Baja Brewing Company

Nothing quenches a thirst like an ice-cold beer on a hot summer day. Baja Brewing Company, the original craft beer of Los Cabos, embraces a storied tradition with regional flair. Founded in 2007 in San Jose del Cabo by a Colorado brewmeister, the company, its brand mascot a donkey, offers eight quality “line” beers year-round, including Black Scorpion Black Ale and Peyote IPA, both recent Plata Cerveza Mexico award winners. The brewery uses imported malted barley, top-quality brewer’s yeast, water from the aquifers of the Sierra de la Laguna, and hops imported from Washington State and other sources.

The company’s summer beer is Mango Wheat, a medium-bodied, copper-colored thirst-quencher with a fruity aroma and a slight bitterness balanced by the sweetness of mango. Or opt for Low Razz, a fruity raspberry ale that’s a perfect substitute for rose wine. Bottled products are sold throughout Los Cabos, but there’s no substitute for sipping the suds at the one of the brewery’s canteens. For a frosty brew and some of the best views in town, the shaded rooftop at Cabo Villas Terrace in Cabo San Lucas is the place to go.

3. Frosty delicacy at The Market at Quivira

There’s no better source of instant refreshment on a warm summer day than an ice-cold treat. Los Helados, a favorite stop for kids of all ages at The Market, offers fresh ice cream and Italian-style gelato in an array of flavors. The popular food stall, where the servers wear classic straw boaters, has plentiful toppings so patrons can customize their frozen creations. Don’t miss the tagline for Los Helados: “Without ice cream, there would be darkness and chaos.”

4. Pool bar at Pueblo Bonito Pacifica Golf & Spa Resort

Talk about a double dose of refreshment. The spacious pool at Pueblo Bonito Pacifica, the adults-only, all-inclusive hotel a stone’s throw from the beach, is a magnet for vacationers all summer long. Bathers and back-strokers have plenty of room to enjoy the water, but by mid-afternoon on a balmy summer day, guests gravitate to the pool’s swim-up bar for ice-cold refreshments. The top choices range from a non-alcoholic limonada mineral or a frosty beer in a can (Pacifico with a lime is a classic) to a hand-shaken margarita created by the resort’s expert bartenders.