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Fun in the Sun

Fun in the Sun

Golfers, beachgoers, fishermen, and anyone planning to spend time under the bright sun in Los Cabos, which boasts 340 sunny days per year, need to protect their skin with sunscreen, ideally SPF 50 or greater.  

Golfers at Quivira Los Cabos often favor sunscreen sprays and stick applicators to keep their hands grease-free. It’s best to apply before heading to the 1st tee and to reapply at Oasis after the 8th hole.

In addition to the face, arms and legs, golfers should apply sunscreen liberally to the ears, the back of the neck and especially the nose, which gets the most sun per square inch of any body part.

Protect the eyes, too.  A hat is an absolute necessity in Cabo. Find a cap with a brim.  Baseball-style caps are good, but bucket hats with a wide brim are better to partially protect eyes from ultraviolet (UV) and violet rays emitted by the sun. 

Sunglasses that offer 100% UV protection are the best way to shield the eyes from harmful rays. Among the top options available are polarized lenses and lenses made with melatonin, the same pigment that gives skin and eyes their color.

Performance-oriented golfers should experiment with different lens colors. The ability to read greens can be influenced by certain colors. In general, neutral gray and bronze / amber lenses tend not to distort golf course colors. Tinted lenses can affect clarity, which golfers need most when lining up a putt.

Players visiting Cabo should follow the example set by many professional golfers, both men and women—protect skin and eyes on the course by applying sunscreen, donning a hat and wearing a pair of shades.