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Four Foods You Want to Try When in Cabo

Four Foods You Want to Try When in Cabo

1. Tacos. A no-brainer. Cabo has perfected and popularized the taco, one of Mexico’s enduring contributions to the lexicon of mouthwatering “street food.” While there are many creative versions with exotic toppings available in both humble cantinas and fancy restaurants, the one to order in Cabo is the fish taco, for which the Baja region is famous. It’s basic and delicious: a taco (flour or corn), fresh catch of the day battered and fried, red cabbage salad, chipotle sauce, guacamole and Pico de Gallo salsa for starters. Shrimp tacos are equally delectable. Seafood not your thing? Opt for Tacos al Pastor—Shepherd-style Mexican grilled pork tacos. Wash down with something bubbly, like an ice-cold Mexican cerveza.

For delicious tacos with a view, head for the Sky Pool at Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach. Perched atop a bluff high above the beach and sea, the Sky Pool serves Ensenada-style fish tacos: tempura fish strips with all the toppings, plus sides of guacamole and refried beans. Great tacos, great view.

2. Pizza. If you’re homesick for comfort food, old-school Italian-style pizza is widely available in Los Cabos. But break away from the norm, be adventurous! Try a wood-fired flatbread at one of Cabo’s trendy cafes or farm-to-table hotspots, one topped with wild mushrooms, organic herbs and vegetables, smoked meats, Mexican cheese and other locally sourced items. A well-prepared, crispy-crust flatbread will give you a memorable, lip-smacking taste of the area. Pair with a Mexican red wine from the Guadalupe Valley.

A great place for pizza is the Italian corner at The Market at Quivira, located inside Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach, this corner has a nice oven designed to offer a crispy-crust flatbread with toppings of your choosing. (Tip: The Market at Quivira is a Food Hall, allowing you to enjoy for a wide variety of specialties).

3. Tuna. Sail the seven seas, you will not find fresher or more savory tuna than in Cabo. Available at sushi restaurants and fine dining establishments, fresh local tuna is imbedded in sushi and served by itself as sashimi, the purest way to enjoy it. It is also cubed, mixed with olive oil, lime zest, avocado, jalapeno peppers, scallions and other ingredients to produce tuna tartare, every foodie’s favorite. Another way to enjoy this meaty, flavorsome fish is char-grilled on high heat, so that the steak is cooked on the outside, pink in the middle. Scrumptious. Pairs well with a medium-bodied red wine like a Chilean Carmenere or a beer.

At Pueblo Bonito Resorts, you can sample super-fresh tuna at Pescados, an intimate patio restaurant at Pueblo Bonito Pacifica known for its superb raw fish menu; and Sunsets & Sushi Bar at Pueblo Bonito Rosé, which overlooks El Médano Beach and offers fantastic sushi, refreshing drinks and spectacular sunsets.

4. Arrachera. A specialty cut of beef favored by Mexicans, arrachera, or skirt steak, is a long, flat cut of beef from the plate that is prized for its flavor rather than its tenderness. Not to be confused with flank steak. Arrachera is typically marinated for many hours in layers of sazon (with coriander and annatto), adobo seasoning, lime juice, and other ingredients. The longer the thinly sliced beef strips are marinated, the more robust the flavor. Generally sourced from Sonora cattle in northern Mexico, arrachera is a mainstay at most Cabo restaurants. Cooked quickly over high heat, it may be at its best served with warm flour tortillas topped with charred spring onions, cilantro, melted cheese, shredded lettuce, salsa verde, and a splash of hot sauce. All of the beverages suggested above pair perfectly with arrachera.

Enjoy from a perfectly cooked arrachera, great wines or beers at the Quivira Steakhouse restaurant, open daily for dinner at Quivira Golf Club.