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Five Best Water Activities

Five Best Water Activities

Autumn has arrived, at least on the calendar, but the weather in Los Cabos is still quite warm. So is the water in this geographically unique “Two Seas, One Paradise” destination where the Sea of Cortez meets the Pacific Ocean.

Here’s our pick of the five best water activities in Cabo, the land of endless summer.

Scuba Diving. If you’re passionate about scuba diving, Cabo’s underwater ecosystem—crystal blue waters, vibrant coral reefs, large pelagic species, and teeming schools of tropical fish—is exceptional. Among the many noteworthy diving spots are the underwater sand waterfalls near Land’s End (experts only). These falls were discovered in the 1960’s by French oceanographer Jacques Cousteau, who described the Sea of Cortez as the ‘Aquarium of the World.”

An hour’s drive from Los Cabos on the East Cape is Cabo Pulmo, a national marine park that’s home to North America’s largest and oldest living reef. The park’s clear waters, easy-entry bay and 800 species of marine animals add up to a world-class underwater viewing experience for divers and snorkelers alike. Local dive shops provide top-notch equipment and organize memorable excursions. Among the top scuba expedition companies: Manta Scuba, Dive Cabo, Scuba Caribe, Cabo Adventures.

Snorkeling. Not a certified scuba diver but still interested in exploring the wondrous world hidden below the ocean’s surface? Strap on a mask and fins to feast your eyes on the region’s sun-dappled reefs and shimmering marine life. The best local beaches for snorkeling are Chileno Bay, its broad strand leading to shallow entry points and clear sheltered waters; and Santa Maria Bay, where brightly colored fish swim along sunken shelves of coral-encrusted lava rock at both ends of the crescent beach.

For a more formal outing, Cabo Expeditions offers a 1.5-hour Land’s End Snorkel Adventure that’s sure to please. Suitable for snorkelers ages 5+, the tour features a five-minute boat ride from the Cabo San Lucas marina to experience the diverse underwater marine life beneath the towering rock formations at Land’s End. First stop is Pelican Rock, located in the bay’s sheltered waters and an excellent spot for snorkeling. Observe pufferfish, Moorish idols, Cortez angelfish and other creatures in the buoyed-off snorkeling area. Meet the residents of the sea lion colony at Land’s End, see the iconic sea arch up close and stroll Lover’s Beach before heading back to the marina. https://caboexpeditions.com.mx/

Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP). One of the fastest-growing water sports in the world, SUP looks easy and is easy if you can stay balanced on the board. Because it’s an excellent core workout, SUP is a fun way to explore one of the prettiest bays in the world and get fit at the same time. Outfitters on Medano Beach, the popular town beach in Cabo San Lucas, welcome novices and usually offer free lessons with rentals. After a safety tutorial and basic instruction on shore, beginner paddle strokes are learned on the bay’s calm waters. More experienced paddlers can explore the rocky coastline that leads to El Arco at Land’s End. Kayaks and jet-skis are also available.

Dolphin Signature Swim. This popular Cabo Adventures program gives children (minimum age 4 years old) and parents alike an opportunity to swim with and learn about Pacific Bottlenose Dolphins, among the most highly intelligent mammals in the sea. The day begins with a hotel pick-up and arrival at the outfitter’s American Humane Certified Dolphin Center in Cabo San Lucas. Marine mammal specialists share their knowledge about these friendly creatures and how to properly interact and communicate with them. Then it’s time for a 40-minute dolphin encounter in a crystal-clear saltwater pool. Here participants can play, ride, hug, kiss and swim with dolphins. Dolphins have an innate curiosity about humans, leading to gentle, up-close and personal interactions with these fascinating creatures. Small group size is a key feature of the Dolphin Signature Swim program. An unforgettable experience for the entire family. https://www.cabo-adventures.com/en

Blue Flag Beaches. Los Cabos is home to nearly 20 eco-certified Blue Flag beaches. (When you see a Blue Flag flying in Los Cabos, you know the beach is clean and accessible, has excellent water quality, meets high safety standards, and is working to protect local shorelines and ecosystems).

For a family-friendly frolic in gentle surf on a warm day, the top choice is Medano Beach, a two-mile crescent of soft sand lapped by gentle waves in Cabo San Lucas. El Medano is on the doorstep of Blanco and Rose, Pueblo Bonito’s two downtown resort hotels.

Other swimmable Blue Flag beaches, each a good option for cooling off in refreshing waters, include Las Viudas (“The Widows”), a local favorite sheltered by mountains that offers a sense of solitude; Palmilla, which offers a broad sheltered bay, a nice sandy beach and a shallow reef (with good snorkeling) and the aforementioned Chileno and Santa Maria Bays.