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Cooking Class: Chefs in the Making

Cooking Class: Chefs in the Making

What began two years ago as a friendly get-together for foodies who care about well-sourced ingredients and proper meal preparation has blossomed into a very popular Cooking Class, one cherished by Quivira owners as part of Q Life’s wellness and healthy living pillar. Resort guests are welcome to join the class based on availability.

Held each Friday from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at Pueblo Bonito Pacifica Golf Resort & Spa , the Cooking Class invites a maximum of ten guests to an open-air kitchen in the resort’s organic orchard. Together with the chef, guests select vegetables and herbs directly from the garden and prepare authentic Baja cuisine.

Some of the delicious dishes created during the Cooking Class include:

authentic enchiladas verdes, shrimp ceviche, tortilla soup, tamales, pozole, mole

and Tacos al Pastor (Shepherd-style Mexican grilled pork taco).


Seasonality and fresh ingredients dictate what is prepared.  Spur-of-the-moment recipe additions range from roasted chilies stuffed with smoked marlin, to an herbal vinaigrette made with finely chopped herbs grown in the hotel’s garden, to Tiradito Gabina, seared fish cut into thin slices and served on a toasted flour tortilla with fresh garnishes. 

Once completed, a gourmet lunch (prepared by the class!) is paired with well-chosen Mexican wines and served at a communal table set beneath market umbrellas in the orchard. If they don’t already know it, participants also learn Mexico’s pre-meal salutation: “buen provecho” (bon appetit). At the conclusion of the meal, Cooking Class attendees receive copies of the recipes, which they can replicate at home.

Oftentimes the chef will give students a historical background in Mexico’s ancestral foodstuffs, such as corn, maguey, cocoa, chiles, and avocado. In Mexico and around the world, food is one of the most deeply rooted cultural manifestations due to its presence at all levels of existence and society. In particular, the development of the Mesoamerican culture was deeply rooted in the cultivation of essential foods. The Cooking Class gives participants the opportunity to perpetuate that great tradition.

Home pick-up service to bring residents to the Cooking Class is available. Preferential pricing is available for Quivira owners.