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Cabo’s Biggest Fishing Tournaments Arrive in October

Cabo’s Biggest Fishing Tournaments Arrive in October

More big-game fish are caught in Los Cabos (also known as “Marlin Alley”) than anywhere else in the world. The exceptionally high-catch success rate applies even to those with limited fishing experience, for the simple reason that Cabo’s nutrient-rich waters attract and sustain numerous prized species. According to Bisbee’s, the legendary name behind the most prestigious competitions, “tournaments are designed to have entry categories that cater to anglers of all levels. Family, friends, and experienced sportsmen all have a chance to win millions.” That said, Bisbee’s iconic tournaments, two of which are scheduled for next month, tend to attract seasoned experts in quest of big jackpots.

First up is Los Cabos Offshore, a Bisbee tournament slated for Oct. 18 – 21. Last year, 141 marlin, including 101 blue marlin, considered the most prized species, were reeled in along with significant catches of sailfish and yellowfin tuna.

The best-known and most revered event is Bisbee’s Black & Blue, a marlin fishing competition that stakes a claim as the world’s richest fishing tournament, with a jackpot that generally exceeds $3 million. Last year, 120 teams totaling more than 800 anglers streaked out to sea at the blast of a shotgun at 8 a.m. on opening day. Slated for Oct. 23 – 27, the Black & Blue is Cabo’s most keenly anticipated competition, for anglers and non-anglers alike. Case in point: Bisbee's 2nd Annual Pub Crawl, on Oct. 22, is nearly as lively as the tournament itself!