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Cabo Pulmo: Underwater Paradise

Cabo Pulmo: Underwater Paradise

Cabo Pulmo: Underwater Paradise

The East Cape of Los Cabos is home to several beautiful beaches, but the best-known and most celebrated is Cabo Pulmo.


The East Cape. A fabled place that long-time locals often refer to as “the old Baja” because of its deserted beaches and sleepy fishing towns like Los Barriles. An easy day trip from Cabo San Lucas, the heart and soul of this laidback, get-away-from-it-all region is Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park, a protected marine sanctuary in the Sea of Cortes that’s home to one of only three living reefs (and the only hard coral reef) in North America.

Here is a place where avid scuba divers and snorkelers can enjoy a world-class experience in a truly special environment known for its gin-clear waters, easy-entry bay and abundance of marine life. Over-fished and abused in the past, Cabo Pulmo’s unique eight-fingered reef and the 7,111 hectares of water surrounding it were declared a national park in 1995. The park was later included by UNESCO as a World Heritage site. What a turnaround! Water sports aficionados have the tenacious efforts of the Cabo Pulmo community to thank for the revitalization of the coral reef and its alluring inhabitants.

Divers and snorkelers can observe more than 800 species of marine animals at Cabo Pulmo, which provides a safe haven to both resident and migratory species. Often likened to an aquarium, the marine park boasts an incredible array of colorful fish and other denizens of the deep, from octopus, sea turtles and manta rays to the juvenile rockmover wrasse, which disguises itself as a small leaf drifting along in the current.

Be sure to pack a waterproof camera!