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Blue Flag Beaches

Blue Flag Beaches

Cabo’s Best Blue Flag Beaches

Twelve Los Cabos beaches have received Blue Flag recognition, a very distinguished honor. That’s in addition to the seven Cabo beaches already deemed worthy of this distinction.

The iconic Blue Flag is one of the world’s most recognized eco-certifications awarded to beaches. In order to qualify for the Blue Flag, a series of stringent environmental, educational, safety and accessibility criteria must be met and maintained. When you see a Blue Flag flying in Los Cabos, you know the beach is clean and accessible; has excellent water quality; meets high safety standards; and is working to protect local shorelines and ecosystems.

With temperatures on the rise and summer just around the corner, here’s our pick of the best places to cool off at Cabo’s finest beaches.

  1. Medano Pueblo Bonito Los Cabos & Medano Pueblo Bonito Rose

    A new addition to Cabo’s roster of Blue Flag beaches, Pueblo Bonito’s two downtown resort hotels sit directly on Medano Beach, a broad, two-mile stretch of soft sand lapped by the calm waters of San Lucas Bay. Lined with bars, restaurants and beach clubs, this grand strand is ground zero for social life in Cabo San Lucas. Family-friendly and great for people-watching, Medano Beach is also great for swimming, frolicking in the gentle surf, and water sports like paddle boarding. While it pulsates with activity during the day, Cabo’s most popular beach is at its most tranquil at sunrise.  

  2. Chileno Bay

    A mainstay among the Blue Flag certified beaches in Los Cabos, Chileno Bay is one of Cabo’s most appealing beaches. The long, wide sandy beach fronts a sheltered bay, clear waters and gentle surf a magnet for snorkelers and swimmers. Kids of all ages tend to gravitate to the tide pools at the rocky east end of the beach. Conveniently located in the center of the Corridor, Chileno Bay offers ample parking, including handicap access, plus updated public facilities for that all-important shower after sea-bathing.

  3. Santa Maria

    A magnificent horseshoe-shaped cove, Santa Maria is embraced by a pair of peninsular volcanic arms that rise to cactus-covered cliffs. This designated National Marine Preserve and long-time Blue Flag certified beach is known for its placid waters and exceptional snorkeling. Brightly colored tropical fish swim along shelves of coral-encrusted rock at both ends of the crescent beach. Beachgoers seeking shade should arrive early to claim one of the thatched palapas. Or bring an umbrella. Like Chileno Bay, Santa Maria has a spacious parking lot and updated restrooms and showers.

  4. Las Viudas (“The Widows”)

    A local hideaway situated around the bend from Santa Maria’s lava promontory, this secluded Blue Flag beach generally has bigger waves and a stronger undertow than the beaches mentioned above. But it offers a sense of solitude and a dramatic mountain backdrop. The water is ideal for swimming once you get past the first wave break, but most beachgoers are content to watch the large rolling waves crash into the rocks at the west end of the beach. A winding sandy road leads to Las Viudas. Parking is informal. Public restrooms and showers facilities are available.