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Armonia Spa Organic: Exclusive Product Line is a Cut Above

Armonia Spa Organic: Exclusive Product Line is a Cut Above

There are four Armonia Spas at Pueblo Bonito Resorts in Los Cabos, each distinctive and beautifully appointed with total relaxation in mind. Armonia Spa offers a complete menu of rejuvenating treatments designed for self-renewal.

The magic ingredient that sets Armonia Spas apart? A signature product line, Armonia Spa Organic. The exclusive line’s products are made with ingredients that include USDA-certified organic shea butter, Bach flowers that increase the benefits of all products, dry-rolled sea salts, and organic cocoa butter, among others.

All the products are created and developed to give health benefits. Bach flowers, for example, can stimulate a change of emotions and create a better state of mind.

The skilled therapists at Armonia Spas apply the most advanced massage techniques to obtain the great benefits that nature offers for physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. This is especially true for organic rituals such as an exfoliation and body wrap followed by a detoxifying, invigorating, or relaxing massage.

Spa-goers report that results following the treatments are not only renewing, they provide a sense of long-lasting inner calm. Guests can also purchase the spa’s organic products for use at home. It’s a great way to extend the Armonia Spa sense of bliss and make that ‘floating on a cloud’ feeling part of everyday life.

There are spas galore in Los Cabos, but the signature organic product line used by Armonia Spas, coupled with an exceptional menu of spa treatments and a warm, welcoming staff, place these wellness sanctuaries in a class of their own.

Quivira Residents have access to the Armonia Spas and receive a special 20% discount on Spa treatments.