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Kopal: An Artful Masterpiece Awaits in Cabo San Lucas

Kopal: An Artful Masterpiece Awaits in Cabo San Lucas

Step onto the golden sands of Cabo San Lucas and it’s pretty easy to feel like you’re in a real-life masterpiece. No matter which direction you look, either off in the distance, where grand villas and residences perch themselves on a rising landscape or right at your feet, where hues of blue wash in with every wave, there’s not an angle here that couldn’t be a gallery exhibit.

But, beyond the natural beauty of Los Cabos, there’s even more art steadily emerging from Mexico, as its heritage is reimagined and represented by a new generation of creatives.

The most exciting part? Much of it will be on display at the new Kopal Gallery at Quivira Los Cabos next to The Market at Quivira.

Set to offer unique pieces linked to the personality, influences, taste and character of our curators, the Kopal Gallery is focused on speaking to those with a high appreciation for art and local life. The deeper vision is to support the permanence of Mexican culture and the legacy of generational artisans who create distinct works, using their imagination and creativity combined with a special process of artistic elaboration and contemporary techniques.

Soon to be open, the gallery will feature ornate and lively works by regionally and internationally renowned artists, sculptures made of many different mediums, including paper, clay, glass, metal and

recycled materials, and paintings made with a variety of techniques, such as acrylics and oils on wood and canvas. In addition, there will also be clay and wood crafts, designer jewelry, wooden furniture, as well as other bespoke creations.

The gallery will be open every day from 9am to 8pm and will be located directly beside The Market at Quivira. Don’t miss your opportunity to view these beautiful and enlivening exhibitions, visit our gallery!