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A Magical Summer Awaits: Candlelight Concerts at Quivira Los Cabos

A Magical Summer Awaits: Candlelight Concerts at Quivira Los Cabos

This summer, Quivira Los Cabos invites you to embark on a truly enchanting experience. The Candlelight Concert Series is set to redefine the way you enjoy live music, merging world-class performances with the intimate glow of thousands of candles. Prepare for an unforgettable journey through sound and light.

 Music in a Whole New Light

Picture yourself beneath a starlit sky, enveloped by the warm flicker of candlelight as the opening chords of your favorite melodies fill the air. This is the Candlelight Experience, where music transcends the ordinary and becomes a mesmerizing spectacle. These concerts stand out as highly interactive and captivating events, organized by Fever.

Diverse Musical Journeys

The Candlelight series brings a wide array of musical genres and themes to life, ensuring there is something for every taste. From classical masterpieces to modern hits, each performance is meticulously curated to provide a unique auditory adventure. Here is a taste of what is to come:

July 2024

Tribute to Elton John:
Relive the magic of Elton John’s timeless hits in an intimate, candlelit setting.

Tribute to Queen: Experience the legendary music of Queen like never before.

Unparalleled Locations

Each Candlelight concert is held in spectacular venues designed to elevate the listening experience. At Quivira Los Cabos, our botanical garden creates the ideal environment for these concerts, ensuring a pleasant and memorable experience.

Exceptional Talent

The Candlelight series showcases professional musicians from around the globe, each selected to complement the evening's theme. This summer, a talented trio featuring cello, drums, and piano will bring these performances to life. Voiceless yet expressive, these concerts are a testament to exceptional talent and artistic expression. Prepare to be left in awe by the skill and passion of these incredible artists.

Create Lasting Memories

These events are designed to create lasting memories. The serene ambiance, combined with the emotional power of live music, makes for an evening you will not soon forget. Whether you are a lifelong music lover or simply looking for a unique night out, the Candlelight Experience at Quivira Los Cabos is not to be missed.


A Unique Ambience

Thousands of candles will illuminate each venue, creating a serene and captivating atmosphere that enhances the musical experience. The gentle flicker of candlelight transforms each concert into a visual and auditory delight, making every moment unforgettable.


Mark Your Calendars

The Candlelight Concert Series at Quivira Los Cabos promises an unforgettable summer of music and enchantment. Join us for an evening where every note is illuminated by the soft glow of candles, and every performance leaves a lasting impression. Do not miss your chance to be part of this extraordinary experience.


Dates to Remember:

July 20, 2024 - Tribute to Elton John at 7:00 PM (approximately 60 minutes)

July 20, 2024 - Tribute to Queen at 9:00 PM (approximately 60 minutes)


Tickets On Sale Now!

Secure your tickets today and prepare to be captivated by the Candlelight Experience. Visit www.aaaa.com to purchase your tickets. We look forward to sharing these magical moments with you at Quivira Los Cabos.