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3 Ways to Experience the Cultural Side of Cabo

3 Ways to Experience the Cultural Side of Cabo

San Jose del Cabo Art Walk. Held on Thursdays from 5:00 to 9:00 p.m., the Art Walk is a great way to explore the colonial city’s art galleries, shops and restaurants. Situated in the historic district behind the church off Plaza Mijares (the main square), the galleries and cafes that line the town’s charming cobblestone lanes open their doors to one and all. Member galleries exhibit genres from painting and sculpture to ceramics and folk art. Complimentary refreshments, typically tequila or wine, are offered. Often the artists are on hand to discuss their work, a treat for art lovers. Lively bands, from rock ‘n roll to mariachi, play from street corners and rooftops. From November through June, the Art Walk is one of the best and most vibrant open-air events in all of Los Cabos.

Natural History Museum of Cabo. Remodeled, renovated and equipped by the state government of Baja California Sur, this intimate venue in downtown Cabo San Lucas documents the geological and archaeological history of the region. Housed in the city’s first primary school, the museum has scientific collections of paleontology, geology, paleo-biology and paleoanthropology, with displays of marine mammals, birds and reptiles. Recent history is explored through instruments once used by sailors. The museum’s biodiversity section features a representation of the seabed and details the migration of dolphins and whales as well as the preservation of sea turtles.

Miraflores. A small town located about 45 miles north of San Jose del Cabo sheltered by tall stony peaks in the Sierra de la Laguna, Miraflores was founded in the 1700’s by six young English sailors who reputedly deserted a whaling ship. The town was formerly known as “old ranch,” but was renamed Miraflores due to the abundance of flowers and beautiful women. At the town’s main entrance is a taller (leather works) where finely tooled leather products are for sale. Another workshop in Miraflores sells rustic, hand-crafted Baja-style furniture. Birders, botanists and other naturalists flock to the area to explore the nearby mountains, canyons, creeks and waterfalls. There’s also a popular hot springs located just outside Miraflores.